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Block Of The Month by Patchwork Passion

BOM-logoBOM programs are a great way to invest small amounts of money at a time, while still getting the quality that you have come to expect in your quilts.

Why should you participate in a Block of the Month program with us?  That's the question we are often asked! So, here are a few reasons......


We have offered BOMs for many years and have the right staff to make sure that you get what you need, when you need it.


We're here to help. We offer telephone and e-mail support. If you're having trouble, just let us know.


If you make a small mistake, let us know - we'll send you a replacement fabric - FREE!


We guarantee you will be happy with your BOM. We'll do everything we can to see that you are 100% satisfied.

Most fabrics supplied are as per the original sample, however sometimes that is not possible so we find the closest possible match.


Due to the massive 43% increase in postal charges we are no longer able to absorb the cost of shipping.

Effective from 1st January 2016 there will a shipping charge based on actual cost to post.

If the shipping fee charged in the shopping cart exceeds the actual cost to post, you will be credited with the difference.

Standard airmail charges apply to international charges.